Prints The Frame of Your Glasses Prescription in 3D and Save Yourself a Paste

3D printing not only solve complex industrial problems, but it already is part of our lives and helps us to improve them. And a good example of this would be the impression of objects that we use every day and that are essential to us.

Would it be possible to print prescription glasses frames and put them crystals? In the blog of EntresD tell us the experience of design and printing of the frame of glasses in an EntresD Up Plus2 printer and bring them to an optical to finish them.

If you use glasses like me, will know that not only you have to choose a model that we like, but it also has that adapt to our facial dimensions for functional as well as aesthetic reasons. To my ever happened (and recently) choose a mount but try me and see that it was too small for my face or that I was not well.

EntresD blog telling us how fixed the problem. They designed sunglasses Rayban type with the appropriate facial dimensions of Maria Torras in Rhinoceros, a 3D design program. Eugenio Oller, EntresD Designer, was responsible for the entire process of creation of the mount in three dimensions.

Completed once went to the printing of various prototypes. The good news is that each prototype comes out by about 20 cents in material, somewhat derisory in comparison with the frame of glasses, by which were printed several models up to the right. The hinges were replaced by some neodymium magnets, getting that they are not broken and are more durable.

Printed once in final quality, the glasses were optics. As the mount can heat to attach the crystals, there is no problem in doing so. Two days later Maria was already using his glasses new, fully customized and created for it.

The next time you have to change the glasses I will raise me seriously make them myself.