Printing with Cement Structures Can Be Achieved as The “Pavilion Bloom”

The 3D printing It is another field that we are seeing grow in a significant way, on many levels. Create small elements or parts already seems up to normal, something very different is that they decide to create buildings and homes with the injection of new materials.

The truth is that us not caught by surprise, we have recently seen robots creating structures for houses, printing houses in China as who makes loaves of bread, even creating a building with its five floors. Now it is the turn to the University of Berkeley, that he wants to teach his promising work of printing.

The University team, captained by the architect Ronald Rael, He has shown a system to create large structures, unique and affordable, based on 3D printing. The name they have given to the result, “Pavilion Bloom”, and you can know him better the following video:

For the conception of the singular structure composed of blocks used mainly cement powder – dry – mixed with polymers and fibers that give rigidity and flexibility. It seems that the most interesting topic is in that secret formula, also in high definition that can be achieved with 3D printers.

In total, we have 840 blocks customized for the area where they will rest – also numbered-, and if we look good in one of the closest images, there is a physical bond between each block, based on screws and nuts.

The idea is that Bloom can be disassembled and transported to other places, that has been set with other adhesive materials.

Bloom has a height of 2.8 meters, and a base with a width of 3.7 meters. Have been used to create each piece up to Eleven 3D Systems printers, during a year of work.

As you can see in the images, forms that are available are very limited, daring with different curves that give an attractive design, in addition to allow the light to pass through the blocks. A Thai floral motif, which is the place where is going to stop the structure can be seen in Bloom.

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