Printer Requires New Ink Cartridges Too Soon

The business with ink cartridges is extremely lucrative for printer manufacturers. This again confirms a test.

Bellevue Fine Art repro in Seattle has tested how much money the company wasted unused away printer ink. The company scans and prints of art and photographs and sets for four professional printer type Epson a 9900th In these printers, several ink cartridges each contain 700 ml or 350 ml of ink. A 750 ml ink cartridge costs up to 280 Euro. A full ink set, so that pays companies before, cost per print than 1000 US dollars (about 884 euros).

Regularly, the printer “kindly” indicates that there is only less than one percent of ink in one of the ink cartridges and therefore an exchange is necessary. Bellevue Fine Art Repro has now measured whether there is actually only 1 percent ink in the ink cartridges.

The test and the result was in the form of Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction on Youtube videos posted online. So far the clip has been viewed over 640.000 times and also makes for lively discussions.

The result is that the printer alerts you, even though there is still 100 ml of ink in a 700 ml ink cartridge. In some cases, 150 ml or more ink was still present in the ink cartridges. In the 350 ml patties, between 60 and 80 ml of ink was measured even though the printer sounded the 1 percent warning.

Extra was measured whether the manufacturer packs more ink into the 700 ml cartridges to compensate for the loss due to the inaccurate 1 percent alarm. Wrong indication.

Alone in the 700 ml ink cartridges, Bellevue Fine Art Repro predicts, the printer thus every time to throw away an ink cartridge, in which is still ink worth up to 50 US dollar (about 44 euros) is .

The company itself has the consequences pulled and according to own data the printers changed. The reason: One does not want to throw hundreds of dollars unnecessarily every month.