Printer Cartridge No Longer Prints the Ink Onto the Paper – Tips

When do problems with the printer get real thinking. The printer works otherwise how “lubricated”, only he wants to not print a color partout. That may have different causes, of which some of the laity easily eliminate themselves.

Printer Cartridge No Longer Prints the Ink Onto the Paper - Tips

Printer is printing no ink on the paper – ventilation blocked

When a new print cartridge , it may be that the ventilation not functioning properly. It is absolutely necessary, so that in the cartridge by the tightening of air pressure equalisation can occur. This does not take place, forms a vacuum the tiny membranes of pumps can not overcome. That’s why you should look if any packing materials or residues of the protective film on the ink cartridge clog the air holes. You must be removed completely. Larger dust particles can clog the vent. They can be carefully removed with a needle. Then, a renewed pressure test in most cases runs successfully.

Cartridge is not properly secured

Another possible cause for the absence of one or more colors would be that the print cartridge is not properly secured. It should be once again removed and reset according to the instructions. Here, you should take also a look whether you bought a compatible cartridge with the printer. The compatibility is usually on the packaging of the cartridge.

Cartridge is dried or clogged nozzles

Has long time not using a printer, it can be also, that the sponge in the cartridge is dry. Then, you should press a tea towel before the print head or the outlet of the cartridge and the air holes and press several times on the pages of the print cartridge. Please increase the intensity gradually, otherwise ink may leak and cause ink stains . So you create a positive pressure in the cartridge and the sponge swells up again.
Who did not use an inkjet printer long time, who can expect also that the print head nozzles may be clogged. Here, you can work small miracles with nozzle cleaner and a subsequent wiping with a lint-free cloth. Here are some more tips to the clean print heads:

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If everything nothing helps, you need to buy a new printer cartridge. Printer cartridges cheap in our online shop find.