PolySmooth Wants to Improve The Appearance of a Polished 3D Prints Almost Perfect

One of the problems of manufactured objects with 3D printers It is your final finish. It is not the fine that we would, being occasionally somewhat rough and not very pleasant to the touch. PolySmooth you want to solve this problem with its grinding system, consisting of two parts or components..

Firstly we have the special printing material known as PVB, compatible with 3D printers current working with extruders PLA, but who has the peculiarity that It can be polished in the presence of alcohols as ethanol.

Thanks to this property runs the second part of the invention, a polishing machine inside which insert objects after exiting the printer and that by means of a misting system striking the surface of these with drops of alcohol of 10 microns they are polishing the object slowly during a process lasting 7 minutes.

The space to accommodate objects is not very large, since only account with a volume of 15 cm x 15 cm x 18 cm, but the results, judging by the promotion and the photos, video look quite spectacular.

Price and availability

PolySmooth is ending its phase of funding on Kickstarter, with considerable success by the way, and hope to reach the market from October of this year for a price of $249 for polishing machine with 750 grams of special filament.