PNNL Wants to Turn Your Smartphone into a Microscope 1000 X for Less $1

In recent years we have seen several attempts to become something like our mobile phone to portable microscopes, Although the majority of proposals that were advertised were relatively large and expanding capabilities were not very spectacular.

Things could change if the new development of the Energy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is as good as its creators claim. Why? Maybe because combine powerful expansion capabilities with a practically ridiculous price.

The invention consists of two parts. The first is a very thin shell a clip which hangs the Terminal, on your camera and who is in charge of holding the second component. This is a very small crystal ball that serves as a lens and that combined with the camera of the phone can reach extensions of up to 1,000 x.

The main advantage of this system is that, on the one hand the covers can be print to a 3D printer and models can be downloaded directly from the website of the project. But it is that, in addition, its creators claim that the total cost of one of these microscopes, including lens is less than $1, allowing you to take one of these devices to virtually any phone in the world (at the moment works well with iPhones and some Samsung models, although it is assumed that you can use with any terminal).

Focused on emerging countries

Very well, and for what we want to have one of these microscopes? As its creators are committed to focus them towards developing countries and for medical bodies and security in areas of natural disasters and emergencies. The idea is that with such powerful expandability (there are also versions of 100 and 350 increases) is possible, as discussed in its web, detect from parasites in the water or blood until anthrax spores.

In this way they can become a great tool in countries with few resources. In addition, they are also committed to use them as education system in emerging countries, may lead the laboratory practically in the pocket of every child.