Places to Visit in Norway

Places to Visit in Norway

The Oslo boat

Start your journey with a luxurious overnight stay on the iconic Oslo boat. We set Naturparken Hardangervidda (you drive through by train). We board in Copenhagen and approx. 13 hours later, a magical entrance to the Oslo Fjord begins. The quiet morning hours have never been more beautiful. The huge ferry we are on, makes its way elegantly between the many lush islands. This view is without a doubt the highlight of the trip.

However, we have quite a few hours of sailing ahead of us before we can enjoy the beauty of the Oslo Fjord. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities to do here. The ferry offers spa area, gastronomic experiences, delicious drinks at the bar and live music in the lobby. If you have children with you on your trip to Norway, there is also a sea of ​​entertainment options for them.


High above the Lysefjord in southern Norway. A vantage point flattens itself so magnificently that every year it attracts tourists in droves. This mountain plateau is called the Pulpit Rock. The 25×25 meter surface is 604 meters above the water and will impress the vast majority. The view is memorable and so is the rush of adrenaline that travels through your body when you stand here.

It takes four hours to hike the four km. from the pulpit’s visitor center and to the top. Although the distance does not sound like much, this hiking route requires an OK condition. The trip involves 350 altitude meters. You should set aside an entire day for this experience, but it is certainly the whole weather as well.

Both Lysefjorden and Preikestolen are a special sight that everyone should experience with their own senses. The blue-green fjord seems violently overwhelming, as it cuts its way in between colossal rock walls. If you do not feel like hiking to the top of the Pulpit Rock, you can from Stavanger take a local ferry down the fjord.

Glacier hike

The huge amount of ice cream is actually the reason why your trip to Norway is packed with such impressive views. It is the glaciers of the ice age that have shaped Norway’s ultimate characteristics; the rushing fjords, the deep valleys and the sharp mountain sides. Norway still holds several huge glaciers, and it is even possible to get these under its feet.

Glacier hiking across the endless ice is absolutely unique. You move across a historical natural phenomenon that has been here for ages and that shapes how the landscape meanders. You feel enormously small and powerless when you enter the huge area many hundreds of meters above the water.

There are many ways to experience the wild ice formations. In the summer, for example, it is possible to tighten the skis and whiz across the ice. No matter how your glacier trek on your Norway journey takes place, it is important that you show respect for the forces of nature and take your precautions into use.

Klimapark 2469 – the ice tunnel under Galdhøipiggen

Klimapark 2469 is an outdoor activity center where you can explore Norway’s history. Here, the climatic development, ancient hunting traditions and the country’s unique geology and biology are highlighted. We go in a group out for a walk in the area, which is at the end of Galdhøipiggen.

At the end of the route, a 70-meter-long man-made ice tunnel opens. The tunnel leads us through winding passages through the 7,000-year-old ice. The many tales of the ice age are prominent while we stay down here. This part of your Norway trip will definitely be worth taking with you.

The previous trip through Norway’s Climate Park 2469 provides a good opportunity to explore Norway’s population of plants and flowers for the season you visit the center. Climate Park 2469 is located by the famous Jotunheimen National Park. Here, majestic mountain peaks and lush valleys with spectacular plant life guard.

TusenFryd amusement park

Only 20 kilometers drive from Oslo is the huge amusement park TusenFryd. The park has more than 500,000 visitors a year, and is of course one of Norway’s biggest tourist attractions. If you travel to Norway with the Oslo boat, TusenFryd will be obvious as the first experience on the road. Many hours of sublime entertainment await here for both children and childish souls.

From 1950 to 1985, the area housed a zoo with both Nordic and exotic animals. After the closure, it was not long before the idea for the amusement park arose. On June 1, 1987, the first guests were able to enter the park, which today has 33 rides, water park and two other theme parks.

Do you want to spice up your day with a steady adrenaline kick? Then you have to search for the ride ‘Skycoaster’. Here you are fastened in a flight suit, after which you are raised 33 meters into the air. It is now your job to disconnect, after which you float across the ground with lightning speed. The ride can be lived out alone or in the company of one or two others.

TusenFryd amusement park