Pirate3D Wants to Be Your Low Cost 3D Printer

There is no doubt that the 3D printers you are called to play a fundamental role in our smart home of the future, although they must still face a big problem, its high cost for home users.

This is what Pirate3D want to change, since it proposes a compact printer that can be going on sale by less than $350, price that a few years ago was a good color printer.

With an external appearance reminiscent of the aesthetics of Apple products, Pirate3D is constructed in steel with a volume of useful printing of 150 x 100 x 120 mm and with a cartridge of top-loading in which strands of plastic that will shape our objects are inserted.

It has a print resolution of some 100 Micron, similar to other models on the market, and with a maximum speed of 50 mm per second.

At the moment the company responsible for its design is by contacting with Kickstarter to begin to seek funding as soon as possible and start with the manufacture and distribution of the product.