Perform Firmware Update For Samsung CLP-310, CLP-315, CLX-3170 N and CLX-3175

Samsung has made available a new firmware update for the color laser printer CLP-310, CLP-315, CLX-3170 and CLX-3175. If you have one of these printers and want to continue to print with refilled toner cartridges , you do not perform this update!

Perform Firmware Update For Samsung CLP-310, CLP-315, CLX-3170 N and CLX-3175
After the update the compatible toner chips no longer work and the printer toner cartridges can print only with the original.
Samsung has thus responded to the recently available compatible printer cartridges .

It is to be expected that the compatible chip manufacturer repair and will offer soon altered chips. It should work after a firmware update.
All customers who have purchased the affected toner cartridges at, have been already informed by E-Mail about the new update.
Update 17.11.2010

The Samsung firmware update is now also available for monochrome printers, following printers are affected: Samsung SCX-4300, SCX-4600, SCX-4623, ML-1640, ML-1910, ML-1911, ML-1915, ML-1916, ML-2240, ML-2525, 2526-ML, ML-2580, ML-2581N, SF-650
Update 2.12.2010
We have now two Samsung laser printer concerned a CLX 3175 and a CLP-310. After we have printed some pages with our rebuilt toners, this Pop-Up window appeared actually, is to read the following:

Live Update for Samsung printer

Live Update for Samsung printer updates your software and firmware for the on the Computerangeschlossenen Samsung printer. We recommend updating to optimize the use of the Samsung printer. If you want to perform an update, click Update button.

Another small window opens it says: I run the update at a later time. Then you can choose one day in a window, on which to perform the update. An option in which you the update can oppose, is not given!
After we have confirmed the update, our compatible toner actually stopped working. It now appears that the used toner is not valid – with the original, Samsung toners still prints the printer.
There is news, we will be warranted.