Organovo and Yale Join Forces to Promote The 3D Printing of Human Organs

3D printing It showed long ago their intentions to go beyond the creation of plastic objects. One of the goals on the road is becoming a tool for medicine and although it has already shown several times its worth, now wants to make it big. At least that is the goal that have been proposed in Organovo and researchers at Yale University.

Organovo is a small startup specializing in the impression of organic components for medical purposes. After doing several tests to print fabrics with living cells, their next goal is to create whole organs that can be transplanted to patients who need it. His real goal, that is much more ambitious, Yes,.

Organ tailor-made for each patient

This small startup takes a while working on a printer that is similar to that of a model of ink jet where cells are used as material to create fabrics of all kinds. By using cells from the patient, the risk of causing rejection decreases. At the moment they have already managed to create organs and this agreement is intended to give a substantial boost to its production.

Organovo began selling their 3D printer last month at the medical centers so that they were able to create liver tissue for testing the toxicity of certain drugs. Besides commented, they are working on the creation of blood vessels, muscle in the lungs and bones. At the moment they have already managed to make a printed copy of the three.