OLO Is The Amazing Device That Converts Your Mobile Phone into a 3D Printer

3D printing continues to offer us amazing news frequently, but one of the segments that there is much contact until now was with the smartphones. That could change with OLO, a unique device that convert your mobile into a 3D printer.

The Group of developers of OLO has launched a campaign on Kickstarter being a overwhelming success, and the truth is that this small box promises interesting surprises when it comes to access to a fast and convenient way to 3D printing.

Print 3D to anyone

OLO is a box with dimensions of 172 x 115 x 148 mm and a weight of 780 grams that does not seem to be able to do much. However it does so: take advantage of the light of our devices and the use of some very special resins This combination into 3D objects up to 76 x 128 x 52 mm. The printing mechanism reminds us much that we saw months ago with CLIP technology.

It is compatible with devices Android, iOS or Windows Phone/10 up to 5.8 inches diagonal, and it allows to print objects from different applications. We have available 4 materials and 5 colors for these resins that are key to development and that in fact are aimed at different segments (dental, engineering, business and marketing, etc) Although you can use them in any project that we need.

The first printers OLO they will be available in October, but its creators are already preparing a version for tablets and other more ambitious editions for objects with better resolution and larger size that will be launched in March and September 2017. Initial success is already assured, and it may be the definitive impulse to this promising segment.