OLAF Diegel and His Band of Instruments 3D Has a New Member: a Saxophone

3D printing is much criticized by its limited capacity to produce useful objects in everyday life. Yes, it has several medical purposes but to reach home need more. There are many people willing to demonstrate that you can be useful and a good example of this is the band of OLAF Diegel.

Does not need to go to Spotify to listen to his albums, although they can now be printed on 3D, not them will find. It is not a famous musical group or goes this summer touring festivals. It’s a group of fans of 3D printing that are gradually making create instruments of all kinds with these printers. His last creation? A saxophone.

Make your own musical instrument

So far they have been able to create a keyboard, a battery, a guitar and a bass. In fact, under these lines you can see how improvised on its stand at the fair Euromold in Frankfurt city. Now, Olaf has succeeded in creating a saxophone using this technology.

Taking as reference the design of an alto saxophone, Olaf was creating its version in Solid Works to, six months later, generate a rendering which was later produced in a selective laser sintering printer holding the nylon as the base material. The result: 41 pieces mounted it form the musical instrument.

That itself, to build it completely did lack springs and screws that have not been able to print, but is nonetheless very meritorious work that Olaf has done to create a saxophone that is certainly not sounds exactly like one classic, the material plays a significant part, it is all a step forward to demonstrate that not only 3D printers are worth to create figurines.

In the next version, Olaf says that you solved this dependence on foreign parts and that you can print full, although for that tells a printer that is capable of working with various materials at the same time it is necessary. Assemble the first model has led a couple of day and its weight is 575 grams, less than a quarter of his weight a traditional model.