New Canon Ink Cartridge PGI-525PGBK and CLI-526 – What Has Really Changed

End of July 2010 , we reported for the first time on the new Canon printer cartridge PGI-525PGBK and CLI-526. At this time the cartridges in Europe were not yet available and we had published only images of the identical American cartridges labeled PGI-225 and CLI-226. Last week were delivered in Germany the first new Canon printer and we finally got our new Canon PIXMA IP4850 to face. In advance, it was only known that the cartridges are no longer transparent, but completely black in colour. This lack of transparency is to complicate the refilling of cartridges, because you can no longer control the ink level with the eye. So far so good. Now we finally have the new cartridges and can more information tell you some of them are surprising but also very gratifying!

New Canon Ink Cartridge PGI-525PGBK and CLI-526 - What Has Really Changed

Changed the ink?

I can clearly answer that question with a Yes 😉
After intensive test printing with the new original cartridges I can say quite clearly that the ink essentially nothing has changed. Only the color magenta was minimal brighter, this is visible but only with some shades of gray and fails to pass the normal photographic print not in the weight. Thus, you can use our high quality refill ink of the previous cartridges PGI-520BK and CLI-521 continue safely. We’ve taken also cartridges without a chip and it glued the chip of the original cartridge. Then, we have made many test prints and are absolutely thrilled with the result. Our ink is really very good and excellent for the new Canon PIXMA printer suitable.

Cartridges in the design changed the Canon?

This time even more clearly, I can answer this question with a No . To my great surprise, the design of the cartridges has not been changed. I’m happy of course immensely 😉
I thought it never possible, that Canon are not to change just some little thing on the heater. A small additional plastic nose or minimal structural change of the cartridge case had led to that you could no longer use the old Canon cartridges and therefore for weeks on new cartridge blanks would have to wait. Well, it’s like it is: and can be used definitely the old PGI-520BK CLI-521 cartridges without a chip! Because Canon has of course attached a new chip with new encryption code to the new cartridges, you must solve the chip of the original Canon ink cartridges CLI-526 and PGI-525PGBK, and slide into the chip device of the new compatible cartridges. We will provide the first compatible cartridges with chip device in a few days. Of course, I will publish also the appropriate conversion instructions which is really not complicated. Chip cartridge remove original from the – chip in the device of the compatible cartridge insert – done!
The only shortcoming in the history of the reconstruction is the missing after use. This is after the conversion disabled and without this indicator can I continue print even without a problem. We have already tested this and it works just like in the old Canon printers.

My personal conclusion

Me falling only two logical explanation why Canon on the design of the cartridge has changed nothing. First, Canon is likely to be very sure that they have now developed an even better encryption system with chip and second is apparently the market for customers who fill their cartridges themselves or rebuild the chip on a new cartridge so low that this is Canon not really relevant enough for the world company to react accordingly. Canon has since certainly more detailed studies about how much percent of users are ready to take this small tinkering with the chip tag on up. One can only speculate, it doesn’t matter to me in the Endefekt. Main thing the old cartridges fit in the new Canon printer 😉

How do you feel about it? Why Canon dispenses with a “big update” the new cartridge series? Simply write a comment and tell me your thoughts, I would very appreciate.