NASA Teaches Us The First Printed Object in 3D Space

It is more a symbolic object useful, but is served by NASA to demonstrate 3D printing also has its place in the space, and they did it first. Sounds like they have been the international space station 3D printer, and they have made it work.

One already sees it as a small step to the world of 3D printers, but one very big for humanity, since it begins to assess the possibilities of printing in these particular conditions, with the idea of creating objects in the future help make longer trips (replacement of parts, creation of new elements, etc.).

NASA believes that print space is necessary for future, more distant expeditions

By the way, what have printed is a small plate that identifies that a thing is made in space – Made in Space -. Have attached it to the printer – is called Zero-G -that is responsible for giving shape to the objects created in the space.

NASA already is collecting information about the experience, as parties adhere to each other and to tray printing with more strength than expected, logically behavior should be different with other parameters of gravity.

The Zero-G printer

The following will do is Download samples to the surface -at the beginning of 2015-, to compare it with an item exactly same, created on Earth. I leave you with the video that you have prepared the space agency to introduce ourselves to the achievement: