NASA Publishes 3D Models of Their Ships and Probes, Do You Have a 3D Printer?

NASA space missions are in luck: the space agency of the United States He has published a series of models in 3D it correspond to several of their spacecraft, probes, and even some asteroids and planetary landscapes that were developed for other purposes, such as the study of the Eta Carinae nebula.

Models are available to be modified and edited in Blender, but the STL files enables a replica to a 3D printer. Thus, we can achieve physical reproductions of developments already almost legendary as the Voyager or the Mars Odyssey.

Most of the models are adaptations that have been taken from other projects with different purpose, and the Agency explains that it is necessary to apply the method of trial and error for polishing defects when it comes to print them correctly. Models do not pass the 100 mm in greatest dimension, and they are an interesting way to make one section of the work of the NASA.