NASA Invests in a Printer That Produces 3D… Do Pizzas?

Applications of 3D printers again surprises us again with the emergence of a project financially supported by the NASA with $125,000 and which consists in the development of a 3D printer that makes pizzas.

The project initiated by Systems and Materials Research Corporation began with the idea of Anjan Contractor, who founded the company in 1998 and began work on a food printer use cartridges with powder with nutritional content. The production of pizza is especially suitable because their coats are “easily printable”.
The printer is currently in the conceptual phase and makes use of the Open Source ReRap 3D printer. Its creator wants to keep the code under an Open Source license, Since it imagines a future where every kitchen will have a 3D food printer.

Contractor aims to develop the first prototype of this printer in June, and this will include single head to print a substance in each pass. Firstly the dough, cooked on a hot plate at the bottom of the printer, then print layer tomato mixed with oil and water, followed by a layer of protein and other additional layers will be created.

This developer showed his idea to NASA with a chocolate printer as shown in the video, and that earned him the investment of this organism to launch his ingenious project.

Although the food industry already uses similar machines for example for the manufacture of biscuits, the concept of Contractor used ingredients in the form of cartridges that it could be applied to all kinds of scenarios, such as space travel from long distance that could keep in mind NASA.