Mr. Beam II Wants to Bring to The Masses The Cutting and Engraving by Laser

The 3D printers they are fine for when we want to build something from scratch, layer upon layer, but there are times where we manufacture models and objects with multiple parts or sections of hard materials such as wood. In these cases the computer-controlled cutting tends to be very useful and efficient.

The problem is that the machines capable of doing so tend to be bulky, expensive and are not within the reach of the average user, but rather the companies. This is what you want to change Mr. Beam II, a laser cutting and engraving system to install at home.

With a generous dimensions of work of 500x400x38mm, We basically have a hollow box inside which we must place the material you want to cut with your 5 Watt laser beam. It can cut materials such as plywood, cardboard, acrylic, leather or latex and record on all types of Woods even in aluminium.

The operation is very simple, since the entire process is managed from a PC, Mac or tablet. Only have to upload the image you want as a model on the WiFi network, resize and adjust it to the dimensions of the material that we use by means of a video camera located inside the own Court.

Price and availability

Mr. Beam II is still in the process of funding on Kickstarter and they expect to begin distributing units in January 2017 at a price of $1,399, While it’s not exactly cheap, it may be interesting for fans to the DIY or semi-professional engaged in the world of the models from home.