Modern Meadow Says His Next Goal: The Creation of Leather with Woven 3D Printers

The 3D printers gradually proven, practical or on paper, that want to be more than simple Replicants of three-dimensional models of recreational objects: from aid to living tissues today we have to discuss this last but with a different perspective.

Modern Meadow, a research and development company has reported what are your plans in the medium term: the creation of leather with this type of printer. An ambitious goal that could produce and create products with this material more amicably with the environment.

By what leather? The answer is simple: because is structurally simpler than other elements. Involves its complexity, no doubt, but when it comes to believe it is simpler than another of his long-term goals: meat intended for human consumption.

To produce this type of skin needs to be done a biopsy the breed of animal in question and then treat the content in a reactor and a centrifuge to remove those components that are not interesting and capable of growing.

Subsequently, when the material has grown use 3D printer to go by placing the cells on the tissue and join them with a laser so layer upon layer go getting form.

The company does not give many technical details of the process and methodology by what a priori one can think that something more appropriate to a novel of science is fiction than anything we see shortly. However Modern Meadow says that it is technically possible and not something you have to believe it to be real.

According to their estimates in five years the first machines capable of producing this type of skin at full power will operate. In five others, a very ambitious goal, it is the produce meat but now paramount, and more realistic, objective is to create this first.

At the moment, though it sounds all very hopeful and beautiful, it will have to wait since all this is under development. No doubt this research and Organovo which takes with their living tissues for medicine, are future projects which, we hope, ending up in good port and meet the goals that have been proposed.