Microsoft Wants to Raspberry IP Is Responsible for Your Impressions 3D over The LAN

The 3D printers they gradually come to our homes and the next logical step is that you begin to arise applications and improvements in daily use that go beyond simple changes in the interface.

Microsoft has announced the launch of an interesting application called “Network 3D Printer”, available in principle only for computers with Windows 10 IoT Core and more specifically with Raspberry IP, which promises to facilitate 3D impressions.

So we must install the app in the Raspberry Pi and connect it to the printer via a USB cable. At that time the printer is ready to be used by all network teams with Windows that we have at home, through WiFi or Ethernet.

But the most interesting thing is that, once we choose the object to print from an editing program (like Microsoft 3D Builder for example), the process begins and we can turn off the computer, it will be the Raspberry Pi which is responsible for managing the process print the hours as needed.

For now the application only supports a few 13 printers (Lulzbot Taz 6, Makergear M2, Printrbot Play, Prusa i3, Ultimaker Original, Original + Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 2 Extended and Extended +) but from Microsoft to ensure that the list is you will be completing gradually with other brands and models on the market.