MGiraffe, a 3D Printer to Create It Yourself with Makeblock

If a few days ago we told you about two interesting products company Makeblock, today we will talk about a 3D printer which has just come out but not yet available on the Spanish website. I update the entry because the mGiraffe is already available on its website. We are talking about mGiraffe, a 3D printer you will have to assemble yourself, but having a great pint.

The advantages of mGiraffe include the volume of manufacture maximum, since we can create objects of a maximum dimension of 180 mm in diameter and up to 300 mm in height by the special features of the printer.

mGiraffe, specifications

Material Anodized aluminium and plastic
Extruder Metal
Physical dimensions D300 x 766mm
Impression material 1, 75mm PLA
Maximum volume of manufacture D180 x 300 mm
The extruder nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
Resolution of layers 0.1 – 0.3 mm
Printing platform Aluminum alloy
Hot printing bed Not included
Autonivelable support If
Maximum printing speed 150 mm/s
Power supply 100-240V AC adapter 12V/5A
Software Cure, PrintRun
Firmware Marlin
Display LCD
Supported file types .STL. Gcode
Connections USB & card Micro SD
Printing offline If
Motherboard MegaPi

mGiraffe, characteristics and functions

If you have seen the video that accompanies the entrance you noticed the peculiar operation of the mGiraffe, a printer you will have to build on your own since it comes in kit for Assembly mode. But the printer promises a friendly after its Assembly operation that has a level automatic system and, thanks to the strength of Makeblock and the quality of the materials, we will achieve a robust printer.

As you can see in the table of specifications, we will need a rather large, especially in high dimensions, but in return we will get impressions of up to 180 mm in diameter and 300 mm height, rather than other printers that come in kit mode. The the mGiraffe driver is plate MegaPi, plate where you will find more information here. Although it is designed to work with the Raspberry Pi, it also works without it and this time we won’t need one to make our 3D impressions.

the height of layer is adjustable between 0.1 and 0.3 mm, so if we are looking for more quality prints we have to see other printers, but if what we seek is to print large objects certainly is an option to consider. Also to keep in mind that you can only print in PLA, although being announced the possibility of beds that become hot door is open to other media such as ABS.

With a price €649,95, practically the same price as in dollars if we add the VAT and with free shipping, the mGiraffe is an option more than let us with a 3D printer and learn a lot while we build it.