MESHMIXER Allows You to Modify Files for Printing 3D in a Very Intuitive Way

One of the things that surely will you do when you have your new printer 3D is to download models ready to be printed from Thingiverse or from other repositories. But the next step is to develop your own pieces or, why not, change any of the existing ones to achieve the results that you expect. Can you believe that software will be expensive and complicated to use, but the truth is that there are options such as MESHMIXER, a software simple to use to modify 3D files STL and also free.

The truth is that I did not know that application, but is endorsed by for the company AutoDesk, the creators of AutoCAD. Thanks to a tutorial that have been published in the company ENTRESD have heard of it and what it has to offer.

If you want to see a practical example, as I say on the ENTRESD website you will find this tutorial in question. In the same tell us how to change the bridge of glasses, a downloaded file from the internet. Thanks to MESHMIXER it is possible to fill the volume to change material with a tool called Sculpt of such software. You don’t have to be very careful in doing so, Since we will then smooth the surface with another tool called Flatten.

MESHMIXER is capable of exporting the new design of the glasses to formats such as STL, OBJ, or PLY among others. And once exported the modified file to the correct format, just print and enjoy the result is. Recently ENTRESD published a tutorial on how to solve a problem of replacing parts of a shower curtain bar, so you don’t miss what you can do with a 3D printer.