Makerbot Digitizer: Scans (Almost) All What You Want in 3D by 1,400 Dollars

MakerBot is a benchmark in the field of 3D printing and months ago that its makers announced the intention of offer a 3D Digitizer called scanner. They have now announced the imminent availability of this device and its price.

The MakerBot Digitizer already You can book for $1,400, and that will ensure us to be among the first to receive one of these devices when they are finally available in mid October 2013.
This 3D scanner has a central turntable that place the object to be scanned, and a couple of scanned laser beams the geometry of the surface of this device, making that data collected in a 3D model.

According to MakerBot, the process can take about 12 minutes on average, but they also suggest that this device has certain logical limitations. For example, the objects may not exceed 3 kg, and it is important that the room in which we carry out the scanning is well lit.

Scan 3D, the next revolution?

3D printing segment is probably one of the most promising in recent years, but despite the ability of 3D printers – we are seeing amazing applications at all levels, good and not so good – one of the problems lies precisely in find the 3D model that you want to print.

There are services such as Thingiverse that provide some 3D models of various objects, but if we want to have other objects have to get us the way of achieve scanning… or that us the scanned.

And precisely here is where come into play 3D scanners, which seem to be being the focus of collective funding projects. Photon 3D, Fuel3D and the most recent AIO Robotics project with its 3D multifunction printer approach that possibility to the users, and hint at almost unlimited possibilities in this field except, perhaps, for the size, weight and materials of the objects. Without a doubt, a segment exciting.