L’oreAl Will Start Printing The Skin Where to Try Their Cosmetics

Besides organs for medical purposes and for pharmaceutical testing, Organovo has another branch where mark territory in tissues 3D printing in the cosmetics market. And the first company that has reached an agreement on exclusive has been L’Oreal.

The French company has since the 1980s, creating your own skin for the test of products, with 60 scientists obtained in large laboratories up to 100,000 samples of human skin based on tissue from donations of cosmetic surgery operations. These samples the company uses half, selling the rest at a high price.

More quickly and thanks to the 3D printing process automation

This process involves time and a high cost for the company, which relies on 3D printing to advance. The companion of adventure is Organovo, that put technology of 3D printing of fabrics while scientists at L’Oreal will be responsible for the design and development of them.

With this technique obtaining of skin where to test the toxicity and efficacy of their products win time, has lower cost and at the same time you can automate, turning the process into something more comfortable than the current system. With the new procedure will be in addition to generate tissue for use in research and other developments that could not now implemented effectively.