Livigno, Italy

Livigno, Italy

Surrounded by majestic mountain peaks reaching 3000 m, in a picturesque, sparkling snow, sunny valley, the ski resort of Livigno is located. Since the 50s of the last century, Livigno has attracted numerous tourists and skiers with its opportunities: slopes of varying difficulty, cross-country trails, a variety of winter sports activities, as well as comfortable hotels, many cozy restaurants, bars and, most importantly, duty-free shops.


The history of the resort of Livigno and its names go back to the distant past. There is an assumption that the name Livigno – Livigno comes from the word lavina, since most of the year these places are covered with snow, and the first settlers in the valley were also Ligurians and Etruscans. Livigno became most famous in 1600, when, according to the laws of the Swiss canton of Grigioni, then in force in the valley, Livigno received the status of an independent economic zone, which Napoleon confirmed in 1805 by his decree. Livigno is still a duty free zone today, thus attracting even more tourists. Until the 1950s, Livigno could only offer conditions for summer holidays, but after the opening in 1952 of the road linking the resort with Bormio, and in 1965, the Munt La Schera tunnel, which made it possible for tourists from northern Europe to come here,

Monthly average daily air temperature (°C):

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
+5.9° +9.3° +14.6° +18.8° +23.2° +26.8° +29.2° +28.3° +24.8° +18.7° +11° +6.5°

Livigno is located in the northern part of the Italian region of Lombardy, at an altitude of 1800 m above sea level, 35 km from the resort of Bormio, near the Swiss border, 130 km from Bolzano, 220 km from Milan.

How to get
there The nearest international airports are in Milan (235 km), in Verona (294 km).

Slopes, pistes, lifts
Livigno has two main natural ski areas, Carosello and Motolino, the total length of pistes is 115 km, of which 42% are for beginners, 46% are of medium difficulty, 12% are difficult.
Elevation difference: 1800 – 3000 m.
The total number of lifts – 33.
The length of the cross-country skiing track is 40 km, and every year in December the international ski marathon Sgambeda is held at the resort.
In Carosello, a funicular rises to an altitude of 2800 m, from here the red and blue slopes descend, a telecab rises to Montolino, there is a long black slope named after the champion of the region Giorgio Rocca – 1.800 meters long and with a drop of 440 meters, as well as two slopes for international giant slalom competition.
The resort has the possibility of off-piste skiing, along the lower slopes there is a large selection of children’s trails and trails for beginners.
In addition, Livigno offers good conditions for snowboarders – the resort has 2 half pipes, a large fan park, a boarder park and a boarder cross track.
The Diavolezza glacier in Switzerland, 26 km from Livigno, is perfect for summer skiing.

Ski schools and kindergartens

Livigno has 5 ski schools with 100 instructors. 4 kindergartens with ski schools for children from 1.5 years old.

The resort has a sports complex with an indoor swimming pool, a gym and tennis courts, a skating rink, a riding school, rock climbing, dog sled racing, hang gliding, mono-skiing, 10 km of hiking trails.

In Livigno, ancient churches have been preserved, which are real architectural monuments:
S. Maria Church – the parish church in the center of the town, built in 1892.
Saint Antonio Abate Church – a small church of the 16th century.
Saint Anna Church is a 16th century church built in the highlands of Livigno – Trepalle.

Food & beverage
The hotel has about 200 restaurants and bars to suit all tastes, where you can relax and enjoy local cuisine. For example, the family restaurant La Piöda, the restaurants La Maggior, Bellavista, the gastronomic restaurant Pesce d’Oro or the restaurant on the Costaccia hillside, where grilled dishes are prepared. A lively atmosphere reigns in the bars Underground, Foxi’s Pub, Posta, Galli’s Pub.

Livigno, being a duty-free zone, is a real pleasure for shoppers: wine, liqueurs, chocolate, sporting goods and much more. Italians from the northern regions come here especially for shopping. In the shops of the resort you can buy everything – from clothes and shoes to souvenirs, food and drinks. And on Wednesdays, there is an open-air market on via Vinecc.

Livigno, Italy