Liberator Becomes The First Gun Made with a 3D Printer

While 3D printers follow your path to become a tool for the general public, have opened up many discussions about what type of objects should be able to build and to what extent should put limits on the manufacture of those which are more controversial, as weapons.

While still debates about it, whether it has been created which can be considered as the first firearm built with a 3D printer. Under the name of Liberator, we find a gun that anyone can create from now if you have the necessary materials.

Liberator consists of 16 pieces, of which 15 have been printed with a Stratasys printer. The appearance, as you can see in the pictures or in the video below, is a sort of modern version of the FP-45 Liberato, for which you had curious to know where the name comes from.

At the moment few tests have been made to demonstrate that this gun is able to work with the caliber ammunition. 380. Its creators say that moment still doing tests to improve its performance, although the planes are already available.

There is one curious detail about this gun and it is the use of polymers in the soul for, when the explosion occurs in the tube, not bust. The only piece of metal that is used is a nail for the firing pin of the Liberator.

Its creators defend this creation as a way of demonstrating, in his opinion, that the technology is above the laws and systems of Government. However, this debate goes beyond production of objects in 3D printers.