Kinect Demonstrates Its Capabilities as a 3D Scanner Recreating The Death Mask of Isaac Newton

Quiza Kinect It is not the tool that was going to revolutionize the world of video games, in the eyes of Microsoft. However it has become a very useful tool for the development of all kinds of experimental applications, some quite friendly and also helpful.

This is the case of an employee of Microsoft, which has decided to use this accessory to scan a 3D model of the death mask of Isaac Newton. The video, so you have a few lines below, and should recognize that the result is good enough.

Taking the original mask, in the video we can see how Kinect is going around the object to complete the rendering of this object. A priori we can think that it is only a technical demo, the project is still in development but There is a very interesting read.

With all the uproar that is causing the 3D printers, there is still a little so that it reaches the general public, Kinect could take care of create us 3D models easily and then use them to create replicas or even share it on the network.

Perhaps these are not the intentions of this project but the path is very interesting because It could give a flip Kinect in a way unexpected since it says video games is being very discreet, and due to lack of titles (in quantity) will not be.