Green rail buses and red buses carry tourists around Kazan.


On direct flights from Finland

It is very easy to travel from Finland to Kazan, as Finnair operates a direct connection from Helsinki several times a week. The flight time is about two and a half hours, and you can travel to the city three days a week.

Direct flights from Helsinki to Kazan cost about 200 euros at the cheapest. Flights are offered seasonally, as Finnair operates a direct route from May to January.

Kazan Airport is located about 35 km from the city center. From the airport to the city you can travel by train, bus or taxi. A bus ride to the city center costs less than a euro and a train ride about 40 cents. The price of a taxi ride varies, but it averages about five euros.

Stay cheaply

Kazan has plenty of accommodation options, offering both luxurious luxury hotels and very modest accommodations. Most of the hotels are located in the city center, which is very convenient from the tourist point of view.

The affordability of the price level is especially evident when booking accommodation, as the cheapest double room in a modest hotel costs around 20 euros per night. A three-star hotel costs an average of € 30 per night, while a five-star hotel costs around € 80 a night.

Move on foot or in public

Kazan is easy to get around, as most of the city’s main tourist attractions are within walking distance of the city center. However, the city has a well-functioning and affordable public transport network. Tourists can therefore move from place to place by red buses, green trolleys or subways. Getting on public transportation is very affordable, as one ticket costs about 35 cents.

Driving your own car is quite safe in Kazan, as the traffic in the city of a million is surprisingly quiet and there are no worse congestion. New roads were built in the city a few years ago, and at the same time traffic rules were reformed: turning left was banned on major roads, which calmed traffic considerably.

Parking in the center of Kazan can be challenging, as there are few parking spaces, especially on weekdays.



The temple of all religions is still unfinished, but nonetheless a favorite destination for many tourists.

Kazan Kremlin

Located right in the city center of Kazan, one of the most important attractions in the area is the Kazan Kremlin, an old district protected by walls. The Kremlin is the second of the two UNESCO sites in Tatarstan, and the locals are very proud of the attraction.

The Kremlin has numerous interesting places to visit, but two very impressive buildings stand out in particular: the Kul Sharif Mosque and the Church of the Annunciation. The area also has, for example, the city’s own sloping tower Syjymbike.

Surrounded by white walls, the Kremlin contains a wealth of historical sites that tell about the culture of the area, but also offers an interesting experience for tourists interested in architecture. The area on the hill also offers an impressive view of the Kazanka River.

Kazan Family Center

Rising on the banks of the Kazanka River, the Kazan Family Center, reminiscent of a cauldron, was built to symbolize the cultural heritage of the city and the entire Tatarstan as a melting pot of different religions and peoples. The building is a great vantage point, as its roof offers a great view over Kazan.

The site is also known as the Marriage Palace, which tells about the purpose of the building. Namely, the Kazan family center also houses a magistrate, which is used mainly for marriage. In the lobby of the building there are plenty of photos of couples married there.

Opened in 2013, the building will rise to a height of 32 meters, and visitors will be able to ache on the rooftop deck for a fee of around a euro.

Temple of all religions

A short drive outside the center of Kazan, the Temple of All Religions is an unfinished attraction whose special colorful appearance makes it a very popular place to visit. It symbolizes the multiculturalism of Tatarstan, as people of different religions and nationalities have lived in peace side by side in the region for centuries.

Elements of the Orthodox and Catholic Church, the Mosque, the Synagogue, the Buddhist Temple and the Chinese Pagoda can be seen in the structure. There are also 16 symbols on display in the temple. Construction of the temple area began in 1992, and the project’s father, painter and sculptor Ildar Khanov did not have time to complete his work before his death.

Inside the temple, it is only possible to visit two days a year, as the interior is not actually intended as a place to visit. However, for most tourists, it is enough to see the building complex from the outside.


Located right in the center of Kazan, Baumaninkatu is the city’s most important pedestrian area, where not only tourists but also locals gather. This is one of the oldest and most famous streets in Kazan, and there are numerous services along Baumaninkatu.

There are several souvenir shops along the street where you can grab gifts such as a traditional Tatarstan hat or local Chak Chak pastries. It is also impossible not to see street musicians or other shopkeepers on Baumaninkatu, as there is no shortage of imaginative entrepreneurs on the street.



Kazan offers a wealth of quality cultural events.

The best experiences

  1. Sunset over the rooftops of the city
  2. Walking along the banks of the river Kazanka
  3. A visit to the hustle and bustle of Baumaninkatu

The main attractions

  1. Kazan Kremlin
  2. Kazan Family Center
  3. Temple of all religions

Try these dishes

  1. Triangular etspotsmak pies
  2. Chak Chak pastries
  3. Warm broth
  4. Talkysh kaleve sweets