It Is Spring in Your 3D Printer: a Collection of a Dressmaker Thing Shows

Although the 3D printers they had already made their appearance on the runways, this is the first time that a designer creates a complete collection of fashion making use of this technology. The israeli designer Danit Peleg has made the leap to this type of alternative and has also done so taking advantage of domestic 3D printers.

27-year-old has had to work with the limitations of current formats: those dresses parts had to be created by segments to then be attached or glued, what Kingdom to the times of printing rendered some of the sets they will be completed more than 300 hours. We don’t know if wearable, but certainly expensive and laborious to complete it are… at the moment.

Still, Peleg believes that this type of process is the future, especially because the printers are increasingly attaining greater capabilities both in accuracy and speed. Any user of this technology can emulate him: used 3D printer, a Witbox of $2,000, It is a model range of media that is available to users who want to explore this field.

As indicated in Bloomberg, the versatility of these devices back to confirm, but the market It still does not Jell with the speed expected. In a report at the end of last year it was estimated that spending on printers 3D in 2018 would be 13,400 billion dollars, but there are obstacles to this development ahead: not only the development of technology, but above all in the management of intellectual property issues.