Inkjet Multifunctional Printer HP Officejet 4650 in Test

The multifunction printer HP Officejet 4650 is not an office worker, as the name specifies. Read the test to find out why.

When Ink Multifunction Printer HP Officejet Although 4650 is “office” in the product, but it is more of a home device, such as the test shows. The combi-model is part of the “Ink Ink” delivery service, which can be delivered directly to the house depending on the printing requirements. Given the small ink cartridges with integrated print heads which is the HP quite often be the case Officejet 4650th

TEST CONCLUSION: HP Officejet 4650


HP Officejet 4650

Quality (40%)


Speed ​​(20%)


Handling (15%)


Features (15%)


Service (10%)



-0.25 (Apple Airprint, HP ePrint, Mopria, Wifi Direct, App)


Satisfactory (2,72)

Price-performance ratio

very cheap

The multifunction printer is not suitable for real office tasks. For this, the site prices are too high despite HP’s Instant Ink replacement program, while the working speed is too low at the same time. For private use that comes HP Officejet 4650 then in question, if you only occasionally print, scan and copy, but absolutely need a fax.Features such as duplex printing unit, document feeder and WiFi Direct for printing and scanning from the mobile device. On the other hand, paper feeding and storage are rather narrow.


+ Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct

+ Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint

+ Duplex printing unit

+ Real switch


– Monochrome touch display

– high side rates

Consumption – high side rates

The combo cartridges of series HP 302 is available with XL range. However, even with 6.2 cents for the black and 9.1 cents for the colored sheet they generate high side costs. This eliminates the HP Officejet 4650 for users with office use. The Instant Ink program also does not help with this, which reduces the cartridge prices, but the constant replacement of the cartridges still remains annoying. In contrast, electricity consumption is moderate. In idle mode the switches HP Officejet 4650 to a low 0.8 watts when wireless is disabled. If the wireless interface is switched on, the consumption does not go below 1.1 watts – even low. In addition, the device offers a real switch, which completely separates it from the power supply.


HP Officejet 4650

Power consumption: Off / Sleep mode / Operation

0.0 / 0.8 / 15.0 watts

Side cost: black and white / color

6.2 / 9.1 cents per page

As little as the follow-up costs for an employment in the office environment speak, so very tried the equipment. The multifunction printer can print, scan, copy and fax. For this purpose, a duplex unit is installed, which automatically prints the paper front and back. The document feeder can feed up to 35 sheets. The display is touch-enabled and graphically structured, but only in grayscale – this looks quite old-fashioned. However, the screen reacts quickly to the finger pressure. His menu is structured.

Paper management is the answer to office applications: Only 100 sheets fit into the input tray. Also for the storage are only lean 25 sheets provided. Also, because of the ADF attachment, the scanner lid is quite heavy. If we open it up with a little swing, the housing part, with the scanner glass, rises. Below are the cartridges. As soon as the cover comes into motion, the print carriage travels to the center for a cartridge exchange which then does not take place at all. A bit more robustness would be more suitable for the office.


HP Officejet 4650 (Rating: 2.66)




Document feeder, flat bed scanner, screen, duplex printing, borderless printing


HP Photo Creations, Iris OCR, HP Help, HP Update


Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS

Faxing without PC possible


Too little job for the job

The speed of the HP Officejet 4650 is too low even for the home office with low print and scan volumes. The 0:58 minutes for 10 pages Grauert-Brief can be expected. For color prints and copies patience but badly strained – such as 4:44 minutes to 10 A4 pages inAcrobat Show. This also applies to scanning: Here the preview needs an average of 22 seconds. And it is only two seconds faster than a full color scanner.


HP Officejet 4650 (Rating: 4.55)

Print (b / w): 1 page text, quality mode / 10 pages text, normal mode / graphics, normal mode / graphics, quality mode

1:28 / 0:58 / 0:29 / 2:43 minutes

Print (color): 10 pages PDF / A4 photo, normal mode / A4 photo, photo paper / randl. Photo (10 x 15 cm)

4:44 / 1:01 / 2:12 / 1:12 minutes

Scanning: color, text, preview, grayscale

0:24 / 0:12 / 0:22 / 0:13 minutes

Copy (b / w): 5 pages, 1 page

1:29 / 0:24 minutes

Copy (color): 1 page

0:40 Minutes

Proper quality in printing, scanning and copying

Patience is rewarded, however, because the multi-function printer creates decent prints, scans, and copies. The ink application on the sheet is quite high throughout. However, this is not at the expense of the legibility of texts. On plain paper we create light streaks. On photopapier they disappear. Basically, the Officejet produces quite warm colors – especially skin looks like sunburnt. This is almost a tad too exaggerated. The testcans have a good sharpness. We recommend to use the pre-selection for color document, photo and grayscale and to edit the settings. The reason: If we create our own profile in the test, the HP Officejet 4650 scans only part of the template.


HP Officejet 4650

Test category

Multifunction devices

Multifunction device manufacturer


Internet address of HP

our site

Price (suggested retail price)

130 euros

HP’s technical hotline


Manufacturer’s warranty

12 months


HP Officejet 4650

Printing technology / number of printing inks / number of cartridges

Inkjet / 4/2

Driver version: printer / scanner /



HP Officejet 4650


Print (b / w): text, quality mode / text, normal mode / graphics, normal mode / graphics, quality mode

Very good / good / good / goodgut

Print (color): PDF, normal mode / A4 photo, normal mode / A4 photo, quality mode / randl. Photo (10 x 15 cm), high quality mode

Good / good / good / goodgut

Print: Color chart (hits)

11 of 24

Scan: Screen

very sharp

Scanning – hits: colorless / too light / too dark


Scanning – Color Stitch: Red / Green / Blue / Yellow


Scanning: Total impression


Copy (b / w)


Copy (color)



Software: Printer / Scanner

good Good

Transport lock / manual: detailed / German / printed / as PDF

No / yes / yes / no / no

Control panel / cartridge replacement / colors individually interchangeable / space requirement / processing / paper transport / max. Paper stock

Simple / still simple / no / 1692 cm² / good / good / 100 sheets



12 months

Service-Hotline / German-speaking / available (hours) / continuous / accessible via e-mail

01805/652180 / yes / 9.5 / yes / yes

Website / English / Manual download / drivers and firmware / support programs

our site / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes