Imaginieer Tea Leaves Design Your Toy and Imaginarium 3D Prints It to Ti

Imaginarium He promised toys with the possibility of personalization, and already has launched its store Imaginieer. In it, anyone can, via the web, designed his own toy and receive it at home directly.

The service, which is prepared for the smallest of the House to use it with its simple and intuitive interface now allows to configure three toys: a car, a bracelet and a pendant. In all cases are part of a model base and is can add minor modifications as well as decide on colors and finishes.

When the child just customize your toy, the system created by Main 3D sends the product to be printed in 3D and then it is sent to the client’s home. The material used is PLA, which is biodegradable.

Toys may already be customized from the web, but also in the Imaginarium stores from October 15. Prices are these toys will be 20 euros and 25 euros for cars, bracelet and pendant. In 2015 will be added more product categories to customize.