IKEA Furniture Are Also Used to Manufacture 3D Printers

IKEA has become a reference for furniture worldwide. And there are also web sites devoted to the transformation of them to give them new uses and possibilities. What I had not thought of is use an IKEA LACK table to produce a 3D printer, but there are people for everything and the truth is that it is a great idea.

Thanks to this tutorial you have closer to the possibility of having a 3D printer, and with Swedish style.

Wayne Mason-Drust He has shared on Instructables a tutorial step by step how create a printer 3D thanks to LACK as a support table. Your name, PrintTable, is a clever play on words.

The idea came because, after years of use, the table was rigid and stable, so Wayne decided to use her comp support. The printer is open and based on a printer code rep-rap 3D. Also with a print very interesting volume, 340 X 320 X 300 mm

You will be wondering what is the cost of all parts and parts needed. According to Wayne we can get one for as little as $395. The video seems one printer more than decent with a remarkable print volume.