If You Have a CNC Router, You Can Give a New Dimension to Your Ice Cubes

3D printers segment is slowly showing progress, and today we told you about a particularly economic model that could serve to introduce in this scene. However, there are limitations to these models and things that we see that they continue to show the power of well-known industrial methods as of the CNC routers.

This type of machines are capable of accomplishing amazing things, and the demonstration is in an advertising campaign from TBWA and Hakuhodo in which are sculpted with really surprising ways ice cubes to promote Suntory Japanese whisky. The used 3D subtraction in this process allows go chiseling the source – in this case, the ice – material and achieve a level of spectacular detail.

The campaign in fact managed to win a prize in a recent promotional contest, and was a good way to desmotrar that CNC routing techniques are still valid in many areas in which the 3D printers have yet to move forward. Unfortunately the CNC production cost is often not available to the pockets of individuals, but the level of customization and control over final designs is perfect for professional and business guidelines.

In this case the cubes were created with a CNC router that was cooled to operate under the temperature of 7 degrees Celsius below zero, and to sculpt models were controlled through the free application from Autodesk 123D modelling, which is available for desktop platforms and even iOS. The results, as you can see, speak for themselves.