If Are You Breaking The Transmission of Your Car, Print It in 3D

The current concept of a 3D printer is a device which has great potential, but in practice has not yet demonstrated too many interesting mass applications. There are spectacular advances in fields such as medicine, certainly, but it is hard to see real practical solutions in this segment.

One of them has just been especially surprising: it is of the transmission system 3D printing five-speed Toyota 22RE engine. Eric Harrell, a mechanical engineer from California, has succeeded in creating a model that not only looks like work: is that also works in full.

Already in the month of January the own Harrell showed how it was possible to print 3D a Toyota 22RE engine, and the rave reviews and popularity that earned him that effort you anumaron to go further and produce first printed broadcast in 3D which allows to work with that engine.

According to Harrell this transmission system total printing It takes 48 hours for all parts that you are then joined to form this mechanism whereby Harrell has provided a complete installation guide. This process is complex but feasible. It should be noted however that there are some elements that cannot be printed in 3D as bearings or some small screws or nuts. But considering the result, we will forgive him to Harrell that guilty pleasure. Impressive.