HTC 10: Front-Facing Camera To Allow Better Selfies With OIS

The HTC 10 could bring a feature, which offers yet no other Smartphone: in a teaser HTC already points to the outstanding camera features of its next top smartphones. Notes to a dual-lens on the rear are mainly in it however. But also the front-facing camera will contain special technique.

The camera on the front of the 10 HTC could have an optical image stabilizer, as PhoneArena reports. Therefore @testingsmiles should be surfaced on his Twitter account already Selfie photos, which were allegedly taken with the new smartphone. Meanwhile, the photos were but again disappeared. Some images included even the HTC logo, the HTC 10 possible publication date, and the Hashtag “#powerof10”, which can be seen in various teasers from HTC.

HTC 10 Is Visible Only As A Shadow

In the accompanying Tweet the user go on the optical image stabilizer in the Selfie camera, by saying, that OIS is a world first for a front-facing camera. Except for a man who scans by Selfie stick itself is not much to discover: the alleged HTC 10 only the shadow is visible.

Should the HTC 10 actually be equipped with a front-facing camera in addition to OIS, this would be a first in a Smartphone. Especially in low light, the stabilizer could make for much verwacklungsärmere Selfies. Certainty which features the top smartphones will offer, but first there on April 12, 2016, if the unit of the public will be presented.