How to Get More Accessories for Your Vacuum Cleaner? Print Them in 3D

With the rise of 3D printing, can today be printed all: cars, ceramic vases, Christmas ornaments, prosthesis and bodies… to hamburgers. The latest to join this fashion? Responsible for the Hoover brand, which manufactures vacuum cleaners. In particular, since Hoover have announced a new initiative which will make available to its customers the Some accessories 3D templates your vacuum cleaner.

In this way, anyone with access to a 3D printer can create a version of the same. At the moment, that Yes, have just released two of them: a hook for lantern, which may be used to clean in corners with low lighting, and a hitch for an external battery. The idea is to split these two models and gradually add more progressively, with the arrival of new accessories scheduled for next spring.

While the two accessories that have been released so far are secondary, continues to be interesting that we are before the official initiative of a manufacturer vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, earn money also selling accessories. Would they dare to go beyond, with nozzles for vacuum cleaner or replacement parts? At the moment, in her profile of Thingverse are giving visibility to the recreations of parts made by other users, so anything is possible.