How to Choose Which Printer to Purchase?

In choosing which printer to purchase, usually people become a little confusing, since there are numerous types of different brands of printers available. In addition, always come new models, and each one offers something that feels new and different. If you are needing to buy a printer, you need to analyze well in advance of their needs, especially to acquire the one that will offer the results that you need and have a fair price and suitable for your pocket. In this article we will show you the main points to be considered and you need to analyze at the time of buy printer. Keep track!

How to Choose Which Printer to Purchase 1

How to set which Printer to buy?

Let’s get to the points that you need to analyze before you buy a printer:

1. The analysis first of all your needs

Think about the reasons that you have to buy a printer:

  • You always need to print something?
    • What you print is in black and white or in color?
    • You need to print only documents or also photos?
    • What value you can provide to buy a printer?

2. Choosing between inkjet printer or laser

The inkjet printers are the most common and used, mainly by being able to print in color at a lower cost. Are printers that yield well, although they show some disadvantages. The cartridges usually cost an average of 50 dollars, and can print an average of 200 sheets, that is, an average value of 25 cents per sheet. When you need to print larger quantity of sheets, the laser printer is the most appropriate. The toner cartridges are more expensive and can cost on average 100 reais, but the values vary greatly from one brand to another. The advantage of laser printer is the quality of your printouts, both colored as black.

3. How to choose between the USB connection, Ethernet or Wi-Fi?

If you only have one computer, the best option is to choose the USB connection. However, if it is an office that need to connect multiple computers to a single printer, it is better to choose the Ethernet connection.
For those who need to leave the printer away from the computer or when there are other people who use notebook computer, the best option is a Wi-Fi connection, which allows you to print without a direct connection USB.

4. Choose a printer or a multifunction?

If you need other services of the printer, such as scanning documents, taking photocopies or send faxes in addition to printing, it is best to buy a multifunction printer.
However, consider your needs, since the multifunctional costs more expensive than a common printer already that contains a variety of features in a single device.

How to Choose Which Printer to Purchase 2

5. What resolution you choose in the printer?

The printers feature two of the most common resolutions: 600 dpi, and 1200 dpi. The higher the resolution, the better will be the printouts. If you only need to only print text documents, the resolution of 600 dpi is more than enough. However, if you need to print graphics and images, it is necessary to have a resolution the better, especially for printing photos.

6. Choosing the brand of the printer

In the market there are various printer brands: HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung, Lexmark, Brother, Xerox, Okidata, Panasonic, Kyocera, Ricoh and other. Generally they present the same characteristics, but is need choose the one that can offer technical assistance and supplies more easily and closer to where you live or work.

7. Printer Drivers

Most of the printers comes with a CD to install the drivers required by Windows. If you are using another operating system, like Linux or the Mac, you should consider whether the CD is for the system. Although, some brands are offering the driver installation online.

8. Exchange of cartridges

Every printer comes with a supply of initial impression, however, this has the lowest income. When you carry out the exchange of cartridges search for as well if your Ink Cartridge or Toner is easily found in stores online and physical, and the value of the supply. Many printers get the ink Cartridge more expensive than the equipment itself. The analysis as to whether it is worth to continue using originals instead of compatible. And, if you choose the second option, always buy your products in trusted shops who have approval on their products, such as the

How to Choose Which Printer to Purchase 3

Best printers and multifunctional devices on the market

To facilitate your choice, we present some of the multifunction printers that can meet your needs:

1. Multifunctional HP Deskjet 2136

The HP Deskjet 2136 is ideal for those who print a little. It is a model the most basic, using only USB connection, but it prints in color and black, in addition to copying and scanning. The printer accepts plain paper, photo paper and brochure, with an entry that has a capacity of 60 sheets and a compact size, and can be left on the desk.

2. Multifunction Canon PIXMA E 481

The Canon PIXMA E 481 is an inkjet printer cheaper, with functions similar to the previous model, having the advantage of offering Wi-Fi built-in, receiving impressions of mobile phones, tablets or laptops. The big advantage is that it does not even need to router, and supports various types paper, even photo.

3. Samsung printer Xpress SL-M2020W

The Xpress SL-M2020W is a printer for small offices, for those who only need to print reports and pages in black and white. Is a laser printer that can print up to 20 pages per minute, with cutting edge technology, offering free Wi-Fi and NFC. So, if you want to print a document from the cellular phone, having a compatible device, you may download the document straight to the printer.

4. Printer Brother HL-1212W

The Brother HL-1212w is a laser printer, very economical, given at home or in small offices. Printing is quick, getting to 20 pages per minute, and works with the Wi-Fi connection. With high resolution (maximum of 2400 x 600 dpi), you can print posters, add watermark on your documents and also enables you to save paper by putting on a page the contents of the various.

5. Multifunctional Epson Ecotank L220

With the technology ink tank, the Epson Ecotank L220 is more economical, being considered one of the best printers in this factor. She has 4 tanks of ink, 70 ml each, one for black and other for color printing. At the end of the ink, simply buy a refill and fill the container. A pot of ink 70ml can yield up to 4,500 copies, and, in addition, the printing is quite fast, at 27 pages per minute in black and 15 pages in color.

6. Multifunctional HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4536

The Advantage 4536 is a multifunction with Wi-Fi that scans, copies and prints in black and white and color. With this printer you can print on most types of paper, including photo and brochure, with cartridges, yielding up to 100 pages. It allows you to still use half of the paper with automatic printing on front and back.

7. Multifunction Epson Expression XP-241

The Expression XP-241 is more multifunctional with Wi-Fi. It uses 4 cartridges, allowing you to exchange only the color that is running low. Instead of buying a color cartridge and spend it with colors that are still full. Another advantage is speed, printing 26 pages per minute in black and white and 13 in colour.

8. Samsung multifunction Xpress SL-M2070W

Even printing only in black and white, this multifunction Samsung SL-M2070W Wi-Fi and NFC, and is ideal for offices or for those who print larger quantities. The toner is more expensive than the cartridge, but offers more impressions, and may arrive at least 1 thousand pages.

9. Multifunctional HP Officejet Pro 8720

The Officejet Pro 8720 offers quality and ease of use, being one of the best on the market. The printer comes with Wi-Fi, to print directly from a compatible mobile phone. In addition, you can also print front and back automatically. The multifunctional uses ink jet cartridges, with yields of 700 to 2 thousand pages. And you can also use the equipment as a scanner.

10. Multifunctional Epson Ecotank L395

This Epson L395 is one of the best options for multifunction. This is a printer model ink tank with connection to Wi-Fi, which prints direct to mobile phones, tablets or laptops. The big highlight is the economy, with a yield of 4500 pages in black and white and up to 7,500 in color with the amount of ink of the cartridges.