Heel Hand, a Hand Prosthesis Created with a 3D Printer

Father and son worked side by side to bring us a new demonstration of what you can do with a Solidoddle 3D printer: a complete hand prosthesis. With the name of Hand heel, We have a fully functional hand that has been created for Peregrine Hawthorn, son and co-creator of the same.

The work is not original from scratch and is It has started from various designs to create this Hand heel. The final work, what you can see in the photos and the video is remarkable taking into account that these two people have been working with the printer only nine months.

A complete prosthesis for $100

By what Solidoodle and no other printers? In an interview on the official website of the printer 3D explained that they opted for her ability having of use different materials Since it is normal to only do one or two. In addition, says that it is quite versatile in adapting to the needs of each user.

Once you have printed parts about chemical vapors is used to provide greater resistance to parts so that the hand is sturdy and hold well. The process of Assembly of parts ranges from six to eight hours. The next step is to improve the quality of your hands and make them more accessible.

Forward such initiatives, the cost of medical prostheses could be reduced enough. As explained in the interview, build a prosthesis of this type ranges between 10,000 and 80,000 dollars. Do it with a 3D printer has a cost of only $100. Of course, much remains to be done but it remains to be seen if they move forward and become a benchmark.