Fuel3D, a 3D Scanner Perfect to Accompany Your 3D Printer

A new crowdfunding project has generated a remarkable anticipation: it is of Fuel3D, a 3D scanner that in just a day achieved its objective of sign $75,000 and that promises to beat records with an entire month to generate even more interest from investors.

Their creators defined the Fuel3D as the first compact 3D scanner and manages to also capture the color of objects to scan. Your cost, under the $1,000, It is much lower than the solutions which accomplish this kind of function – and that they are around 15,000 dollars, and that could make it the perfect companion of the most creditworthy 3D printers.

Example of scanning by an initial prototype of Fuel3D

The system used by Fuel3D is not the typical 3D cameras that make use of stereoscopic Imaging. Instead, this device makes use of geometric and photometric 3D recovery techniques that it take into account the shape and color of objects.

The software being developed in combination with the 3D scanner manages to transfer those data in a 3D geometric model with colors to textures. The software also allows basic model retouching tasks, such as reduce the number of polygons for example for an easier management of the 3D model, or the removal of some unnecessary areas.

Although there are other low-cost scanners on the market, the solution of these developers It highlights in issues as his support of the capture of color and its high-resolution 3D geometry -What for example distinguishes it from systems such as Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral. According to the road map available on KickStarter, the first units of Fuel3D will be available in July, 2014.