Fossils and 3D Printers? Is Now Possible Thanks to a Catalogue of 10,000 Specimens

Coincidence or not, now that Jurassic Park were retrained in 3D, it seems that the recreation of fossils is closer. Remember that if that this will not be enough to clone dinosaurs, since we need the blood stored in a mosquito in amber… OK, back to the topic.

In collaboration with the other two institutions, JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) has created a database with information from 20,000 fossils and 10,000 3D models that, in addition to seeing them on the computer, I can print them.

Of course, we will need a 3D printer capable of accepting these files, as the Makerbot for example. Although it is not the same having a piece of plastic than the original with thousands and thousands of years of history, is still a good chance for collectors.

At the moment, these documents are distributed with complete freedom and DRM-free so if we are one of the pioneers who has already been done with one of these printers, take advantage of the opportunity.