Formlabs and Its Economic 3D Printer Seeking Funding

Find a balance between price and quality in the flourishing business of 3D printers seems complicated. A group of MIT alumni have formed the Formlabs company with the intention of putting on the market a competitive product, which have been named as FORM 1.

FORM 1 opts for a method of printing 3D called “Stereolithography” (allow me the translation), based on build with different liquid layers of plastic in horizontal provision which will take shape according to the performance of a laser (solidifies and unites the layers). The layers are so thin as 25 microns.

It is a fairly accurate method, but also involves optics and elements of thousands of dollars, and therefore quite expensive. The work of Formlabs is find ways to replicate the process at a lower cost, and it seems that they are going in the right direction, but they need help with funding.

Formlabs is not only working on the technology and hardware that will give shape to the 3D printer, also in the software, with modeling tools. With respect to the resin or material necessary for 3D printing, they estimate that it will cost $150 per litre.

As it seems that it is becoming standard, they have directly resorted to Kickstarter, where it is estimated that printers might have a final price of $2,500 (the first 25, 2300 dollars). At the moment we give shape to this news, because they had passed the half million dollars.

You can see in his final appearance in the images and the video accompanying the news, and some examples of what you can get with her: