Foodini, 3D Food Printer Project, Is Moving Ahead with Its Development

Last spring we surprised the announcement of Foodini, a 3D printer I used edible material instead of plastic to create dishes of different shapes and colors that attract the attention of Diners.

The company behind the device, Natural Machines, He sought funding on Kickstarter, although it failed to achieve the economic goal. Therefore, it seemed that the project had been stopped, although we are now back to have new news.

Apparently, in the Dublin Web Summit which was held last week, the company made a show of your printer and announced some new features. To start the initial price of setting to the sale, which will be of $1,300 for the first online units purchased until end of this year.

Mass production expected to begin in the first half of 2015 and Natural Machines intent is to implement two requests of the users interested in the project. First of all, a capsule of food system by way of ink cartridges and secondly a Automatic cooking system.

And it is that one of the main drawbacks that many potential customers have made to the project is that the printer prints only the food. Subsequently had to remove dish and put it in an oven to be able to eat it.

Now it seems that Foodini will incorporate the option of cooking the dishes with some source of heat, but it will do so in a new version of the printer to be presented sometime in 2015.