Fabricate a Robotic Arm Tea Will Cost $350 and LaChappelle Tea Teaches to Ride It Free

Five years ago, Easton LaChappelle set out to create a low cost robotic arm. The prosthesis that her younger sister was using cost $80,000 and thought about how to develop a more affordable model. It began with a few pieces of LEGO, but as time passed he managed to create a more sophisticated model with a 3D printer.

In the end he managed to reduce the budget to $500 but there was a problem: 1200 printer needed (Thing-O-Matic) to create parts. Thanks to a worker of MakerBot, LaChappelle learned how to make arms motor stops at a certain position.

Print a robotic hand and put it in house

After this race to improve the robot arms, LaChappelle has managed reduce costs by a total of $350. In fact, it has launched a guide so that you can print you parts for your account and follow the instructions that montes you arm and you can download the software to control the.

Unlimited Tomorrow Web can follow a step by step for Download 3D models, print parts, etc. That Yes, before you can use it, we have a series of notices: we can not use it for commercial purposes and the model that is now is so used to study it and analyze it, not that you implant. In fact, do not have approval from the FDA, still.

To install, need to be something trotters since some tools are needed to mount everything, you don’t have to simply assemble plastic parts. Pity that lack a 3D printer, not everyone has access to one, but it is a very interesting project.