Entresd Up Box +, New Version Improved of an Excellent 3D Printer

Long ago we reviewed in Xataka Smart Home Entresd Up Box, a printer that we really liked. Although most professional land-oriented, the price was reasonable for a quality printer. Printer Entresd Up Box + is an improved version Entresd Up box.

Especially attention to the opinions of the users has been given to improve a printer of itself has been of the best that have passed through our hands.

In addition to the latest innovations, Up Studio software has been improved that I could already prove recently with the Entresd Up Mini2 printer on this entry.

Among the new improvements we must emphasize an important improvement in connectivity, since you can print wireless from mobile devices like iPhone or iPad. It is also possible to use coils of up to 1 kg, and the use of other brands filament coils. It is possible to configure temperature extruder and platform in the new software Up Studio.

Up Studio is available for Windows (versions 7, 8, 10), for Mac and IOS (iPhone, iPad).

One of the innovations that are probably most interesting is the possibility of continue printing a file even after a power loss, continuing from the same point. Also if the filament is terminated during an impression, something it has done that more than once I pull the hairs.

Another of the improvements is that interior lighting is new, allowing a better follow-up of the impressions. The Up Box + inherits the same maximum print volume than its previous version, 255 x 205 x 205 mm, as well as your resolution of 100 microns.

The Up Box + also has the HEPA filter for reduction of emissions of fumes of printing and automatic leveling. The good news is that There is an upgrade to the new version kit for users of the Up Box.

Also, if we look at the specifications, we can print in other materials in addition to ABS, ABS + PLA compared to the previous model.

In summary, improvements, without being a revolution, it rounded off a product that already we liked at the time, although it would have to improve the level of noise that is maintained in 51.7 dB compared to the previous model.

The price of the new UP Box + is 2195 euros VAT included, so its price does not change with respect to what the previous model cost.