Edgewood, Maryland

Edgewood, Maryland

According to allcitycodes.com, Edgewood is a small town located in Harford County, Maryland. It is situated on the banks of the Bush River, just south of Aberdeen Proving Ground. The area has a varied landscape that includes forests, wetlands, and riverbanks.

The town itself is bisected by two main roads: Edgewood Road and Pulaski Highway. Edgewood Road runs east-west through the center of town, while Pulaski Highway runs north-south along the western edge of town. Both roads are lined with a variety of restaurants, shops, and businesses that give the area its unique character.

The terrain surrounding Edgewood is mostly flat and consists mostly of forests and wetlands. To the west lies Susquehanna State Park which offers trails for hiking and biking as well as fishing opportunities in its streams and ponds. To the east lies Aberdeen Proving Ground which serves as an important military base for testing new weapons technology.

Edgewood, Maryland

History of Edgewood, Maryland

Edgewood, Maryland is a small town in Harford County with a rich history. The area was first settled in the late 1600s by European settlers and quickly grew into a thriving community. The town was named for the many Edgewood trees that once grew in the area.

Throughout the 1700s, Edgewood saw an influx of people from all over Europe, who brought with them their own languages and cultures. This diversity contributed to Edgewood’s unique character which is still evident today.

During the Civil War, Edgewood served as a camp for Union soldiers and saw several skirmishes between Confederate forces and Union troops. Following the war, the town slowly rebuilt and continued to grow throughout the 19th century.

By the early 20th century, Edgewood had become a bustling small town with businesses ranging from blacksmiths to general stores. The area also had two schools: an elementary school and high school which were both established in 1907.

In World War II, Edgewood saw another influx of people as thousands of servicemen were stationed at nearby Aberdeen Proving Ground for military training. Afterward, most of these servicemen returned home but some chose to stay in Edgewood and continue to contribute to its growth and development.

Today, Edgewood is still a small town but it has grown significantly over time due to its close proximity to Aberdeen Proving Ground as well as its convenient location on Interstate 95. It is now home to many businesses including restaurants, shops, offices, medical centers, banks, hotels, and more. Despite its growth however it still retains the unique character that makes it such an enjoyable place to live or visit.

Economy of Edgewood, Maryland

Edgewood, Maryland is a small town located in Harford County with a population of approximately 24,000 people. The economy of Edgewood is primarily driven by the nearby Aberdeen Proving Ground, which serves as an important military base for testing new weapons technology. Additionally, Edgewood is home to many businesses ranging from restaurants and shops to offices and medical centers.

The largest employers in Edgewood are the Aberdeen Proving Ground and nearby Harford Memorial Hospital. These two entities employ over 10,000 people combined and are responsible for much of the economic growth in the area. Other large employers include Wal-Mart Distribution Center, Amazon Fulfillment Center, and Applebee’s Restaurant.

In addition to these larger employers, Edgewood has a vibrant small business community that contributes significantly to its economy. There are numerous local shops and restaurants that offer unique products and services to both locals and visitors alike. Additionally, there are several banks in town that provide financial services to the community as well as several hotels for those visiting the area.

The town also benefits from its close proximity to Interstate 95 which makes it an ideal location for commuters who work in Baltimore or Washington DC but want to live in a more rural setting. This allows many residents to take advantage of both rural life while still having easy access to major cities for employment opportunities or other needs they may have.

Edgewood enjoys a strong economy fueled by its diverse range of businesses as well as its close proximity to large cities such as Baltimore and Washington DC. This makes it an ideal place for those looking for both rural life while still having access to jobs or other services they may need on a regular basis.

Politics in Edgewood, Maryland

Edgewood, Maryland is a small city located in the Harford County area of the state. It is known as a politically diverse community, with residents from various backgrounds and political affiliations. The local government is managed by a mayor-council system, with five elected council members. The mayor is elected to serve a four-year term and the council members are elected to serve two-year terms. The Edgewood City Council meets regularly to discuss current issues and plan for future development.

The city of Edgewood has also been active in regional politics, participating in forums and meetings with other counties in the area to discuss important topics such as transportation, education, public safety, economic development and environmental sustainability. Additionally, Edgewood has been involved in numerous initiatives that support local businesses and organizations including grants for small business owners, tax credits for homebuyers and incentives for new businesses to relocate to the area.

Edgewood also hosts a variety of political events throughout the year to encourage civic engagement among its residents. These include candidate debates during election season, town hall meetings with elected officials and forums on issues such as health care reform or gun control legislation. Additionally, Edgewood residents can participate in national campaigns through voter registration drives or volunteering at polling places on Election Day. By engaging citizens in these types of activities, Edgewood strives to foster an atmosphere of political awareness and involvement within its community.