Disney and The University of Zaragoza to Seek The Capture of Perfect Hair for 3D Printing

At first glance it may seem that everything to do with 3D printing is focused in the small communities of home developers and startups seeking to gain a foothold. However, multinationals do not lose sight This sector, and some have already done some very interesting movements.

A good example was the Hasbro recently and now Disney has also published that it is working on technology to improve scanning of objects for later printing 3D. More specifically what has to do with hair and hairstyles. In addition, everything to be said, is a project being carried out hand in hand with the University of Zaragoza.

More realistic modeling

Once we have seen figures created from 3D scans with tools like Kinect and although the results were accurate had some details in that there was much room for improvement. Hair is a good example of this model well volume of each hairdo is a difficult task.

For that, Disney and the University of Zaragoza have submitted a scientific article where they explain the technology they have developed to carry out these improvements in the capture of hair. Instead of a simple scanning, it is three stages of stylization to capture different aspects of the hair color or the volume.

The key is, you can see the video below, in capturing more retail volume of each style to represent the best in figures and no remains, if I allow the expression, as if it were a bad modeling glob. As you can imagine, its more immediate application for Disney is to introduce this technology to create figurines more details.

You can see in the image of the beginning of the post some results of the work of Disney and you have to recognize that the work is pretty good and that in some fairly complicated hairstyles achieves very good results. We will see if the Mickey Mouse company continues taking steps in this sector although it seems that it will be more oriented to own production that allow others to produce their creations.