Crowdsourcing Comes to The Printing CowFab 3D, Cheap Print in 3D without Printer

If you have a 3D design that you want to print but you do not have a printer that will allow you to create it CowFab offers a way to get it at the best price. CowFab It is a web platform where companies and owners of 3D printers can bid to print the designs that people send.

It’s a way to get out of the initial investment that must be made when purchasing one 3D printer inspired by social networks.

How does CowFab work?

CowFab is a web-based platform of bid in which non 3D printer users can upload your design and receive offers / bids on the price of that design printing.

The use is simple, a user is logged in the system, sends your design, select a printer and see what price I would be the printing This piece. Without a doubt, competition will have prices fall which would allow a user to get the best possible price for your design 3D closer 3D printing to the general public.