Create Your Own Dragon Knocker (With a 3D Printer, Claro)

No, no we have become crazy suddenly. Xataka Smart Home we talk about smart homes, televisions, appliances last generation, we deal makers and the Raspberry Pi. And also 3D printing. So if today speak of latches it is not that we have raised us to take a trip to the past. We will simply see a brilliant creation of Sonia Verd├║, a wonderful knocker with a dragon head what I can do with a 3D printer.

Sonia is a Madrile├▒a artist with good knowledge of drawing and modeling. He studied fine arts and specialized in sculpture. He has also studied ceramics and has worked as designer and graphic Illustrator. And this shows in his excellent work.

YouTube have a good tutorial of the whole process, as well as good clues on how have our own dragon’s head. But it all starts by download this free model of Thingiverse and print it. Besides giving a few tweaks you and remove any burrs, we have to make the latch look not printed with a 3D printer.

You can not miss your web site. She not only will find the knocker that we have commented, but prosthetic hands also created with 3D printers, puppets and masks created by Sonia. Congratulations for your creations!