Continue The Surprises of 3D Printers, Converts to… a Combat Shotgun

It does not much we strolled with news of the first pistol made with a 3D printer, perfectly functional and ‘almost’ within the reach of everyone. As of today goes a step beyond (or a few, rather) and not only adheres to a small – but always dangerous – gun; ES a rifle in combat made with a 3D printer that, Yes, shoot live ammunition.

Once more the community is behind the ‘invention’. It is of a replica of the Colt CM901, one of the most recent assault rifles inherited directly from legendary models like the M16, being much more versatile new. Its ‘equivalent’ printed in 3D has the features of firing the same ammunition, of up to 7.62 caliber mm, in burst mode.

Its creators claim to have used a XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0, a model of economic 3D printer that is around 600 euros in Spain (at Amazon have the 2.0 model for 750 euros) which, according to them, has given a exceptional results with “few or no failure” in the operation of the created model. Possibly do not pass the certifications necessary to serve in an army, but of course if you can perform a similar function.

3D printers are a great invention, no doubt a revolution that is already helping and a lot in the field of medicine with many other planned uses of the future. The compensation, which also serve for these ‘other’ undesirable uses, such as firearms. For now, it is what it is.