Cambodia Highlights, Jungle & Elephants

Cambodia Highlights, Jungle & Elephants

An adventurous tour that takes you to the famous and unknown Cambodia and offers unique experiences in the jungle with elephants. Opportunity to continue your trip on a beach holiday.

This trip is a great choice for the adventurous traveler who wants to explore Cambodia’s beautiful nature and fascinating culture in depth. During the trip you will see all the most famous sights of the country and experience spectacular nature experiences in the green and still quite untouched highlands of Mondulkir. In Mondulkir, you visit an NGO-run elephant project, wander the lush jungle and see elephants in their natural habitat. According to Countryaah, Cambodia is a country located in Southeastern Asia.

Cambodia Highlights

On this trip you will experience the contrasts between the city and the countryside, admire the charming French villas of the colonial period, adventure in the shady alleys of the cities and explore the rich Buddhist culture of the country with its temples and pagodas. Everywhere you can be sure that the hospitable Cambodians will welcome you with open arms.

In Siem Reap, you will find the absolute highlight of the trip and one of the most significant attractions in the world: the fabulous ruined city of Angkor and the temple complex of Angkor Wat, one of the most fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Located on the banks of the Mekong River in Kratié, you will see rare iravadin dolphins and stay on the small island of Koh Trong, which still lives in the time of ox carriages and hand-planted rice fields.

The tour ends in Phnom Penh, the vibrant capital of Cambodia, where French-style colonial villas stand side by side with skyscrapers and pagodas and in the middle of it all rises a magnificent royal palace. Here you will also learn about the tragic history of the Khmer Rouge “Cultural Revolution”.


Per person in a double room from + 399 €

Children under 12 years from + 259 €

Additional charge for a single room from + 189 €

Culminate in a beach holiday on the beautiful Cambodian island of Koh Rong (78 km²), located on the southwest coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Siam, just a 40-60 minute boat ride from Sihanoukville.

As you land on Koh Rong, you will have an enchanting view in front of you: white sandy beaches, turquoise sea, swaying palm trees and a lush jungle in the background. The island is a real little paradise, both figuratively and literally far from big tourist destinations.

Long Beach, on the quiet southwest side of the island, is also known as Sok San Beach, and here you will find one of the best sandy beaches on the island. Stay at the resort right on the beach and enjoy spectacular sunsets on the beach. You can spend the days relaxing, swimming and relaxing on the beach. A variety of activities are also available, including snorkelling, diving, cycling, sport fishing, jungle trekking and kayaking. You can also go on a day trip to the neighboring island of Koh Rong Sanloem.

Most of the island is covered by jungle, so trips are mainly folded on foot, by motorcycle or by water. Many different exotic tree species grow in the jungle, such as teak trees and figs, and the island’s diverse nature, birds and fauna include e.g. monkeys and buffaloes. The ocean is home to tropical fish and corals, and the island’s tropical climate means that the average daily temperature is 27-30 degrees year-round. The best time to travel to Koh Rong is from November to April, as the island has a rainy season from May to October.

The beach holiday includes 3 nights accommodation at the Resort with breakfast, transfers between Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville and speedboat transfers between Sihanoukville and Koh Rong Resort.

You can also continue your beach holiday with just as many extra nights as you want.

The transfer from Phnom Penh to Koh Rong takes about 6 hours, including a boat trip.


Per person in a double room from + 239 €

Children under 12 years from + 179 €

Additional charge for a single room from + 169 €

The coastal city of Kep is located in southwestern Cambodia near the Vietnamese border. The city is a charming combination of French Indochina architecture, Asian and French restaurants, and a tropical spa town with a stunning mile-long sandy beach inviting you to relax on the waves of the Gulf of Siam. The time of the greatness of the stick began in the French colonial period in the 1930s and lasted until the 1970s, when the Punahkmer rose to power and the bustling holiday town fell into oblivion. Today, many of the French villas have deteriorated, but their charming architecture still tells of the city’s interesting history. Some of them have been transformed into restaurants or hotels that offer French elegance and Cambodian hospitality. In an elongated city with no actual center,

Kep is especially known for its fish and seafood dishes and delicious crabs, which are sold at the city’s famous fish and crab market. The city is surrounded by mountains and lush exotic nature. In the nearby Kepi National Park, it is worth visiting the diverse flora and fauna of the area. The national park has several hiking trails and trails of varying lengths, along which you can admire beautiful exotic flowers, a variety of colorful birds and playful monkeys. Many of the trails also lead to finer vantage points than each other.

The beach holiday includes 3 nights accommodation at the Resort with breakfast as well as transfers between Phnom Penh and Kepin Resort.