Build a House with 3D, The Dream of Janjaap Rujssenaars Printers

The 3D printers they continue to evolve and while Makerbot and company seek to gain a foothold, the debate on how it can be used to make them efficient continue: plastic figurines, late medical, firearms, food… There are many possibilities.

One of the most original comes from the hand of Janjaap Rujssenaars, a Dutch architect who has presented a building called Landscape House that you want to build using the technology of three-dimensional printers. Its goal: that by the end of the coming year is printed.

With a design inspired by the Möbius strip, this building stands out for its originality since it intends to be made of one piece. Actually would have to qualify that with the printer 3D would make several blocks which would then be assembled to form a single.

To achieve this goal, Janjaap used D-Shape printer to print block of 6 x 9 meters with layers of sand and binders inorganic to give shape to this unique architecture. If all goes well the construction should take a year and a half.

Although the idea is good, and hopefully come to fruition, perhaps be a good time to reflect on the role of 3D printers and We hope with them. We see that its use has enough potential, although there is still much development so that we will see something mass.

Intends to do many things with them, and this ambition is commendable. However, it may not be the panacea for all types of production processes of objects. Perhaps because history may repeat as it did with other technologies.